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Awesome Place Pura Besakih Bali

Awesome Place Pura Besakih Bali

Besakih Temple is the biggest temple in Bali which is in the puja by the Hindus not only in Bali but throughout Indonesia. Temples are situated on the slopes of this great mountain will we explore to you.

On Saturday January 22, 2011 my family and really beautiful prayer pretense Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali is comprised of 18 Pura Pura and 1 Utama. Pura Besakih or the so-called temple is the center of the upgrading of all existing temples in Bali. Among the temples which are included in the complex Pura Besakih temple is the largest, most buildings pelinggihnya, most types upakaranya and is the center and all existing temples in Besakih. In Great Penataran there are 3 main statue is a symbol of God and the Creator, Preserver and Dewa Dewa fuser.

Besakih temple is located in the village of Karangasem regency rendang approximately 90 miles and 2 hours drive from downtown Denpasar. Besakih temple itself is located altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

Chronicle of a few ever mention Besakih temple is the temple where dwells the supreme god word "Besakih" itself comes from the word "Basuki" meaning 'good' and a long time in spelling and Basukih Basukir, and end it became Besakih. Besakih temple name in two inscriptions are stored in gedong Penyimpenan in Natar Supreme, and only one in the store at Merajan Selonding and again in a temple in the village of Sakti Rowdy Strait. Pura Besakih own history is closely linked to the way Sri Markandeya (a Brahmin Shiva) from Mt roar eastern Java, Basuki area, East Java. His entourage was forced to return to Java because many of those who died of disease. After receiving instructions in Mt roar, he returned to Bali and hold planting Panca Datu (5 metals: gold, silver, iron, copper and diamonds) on the slopes of Mount Agung which became known as the Pura Basukia.

In ancient times, Pura Besakih directly under the supervision of local authorities Bali. Mentioned Sri Wira Dalem Kesari makes Merajan Selonding (circa 250 AD), he is the King Kesari possibility Warmadewa who ruled about 917 years. Inscriptions found in Malet Gede, at Pura Puseh Panempahan and in Belanjong. During the reign of Sri Udayana Warmadewa, the temple received great attention, as contained in Bradah inscriptions, and inscriptions Gaduh Sakti. In the palm of King Sri Jaya Kesunu mentioned Jayakesunu ordered Penjor put on Galungan as a symbol of Mount Agung. At the time of Sri Krishna Kepakisan, as contained in the king palm Purana Besakih on the ceremony, the name of shrines, waqf land (pelaba), board of management, levels of well arranged ceremony.

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