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Bali Tourist - Ubud Bali

Ubud Bali

Arts center in ubud bali a variety of different items and artistic creations in ubud of painting, sculpture and dance gathering of artists all in ubud.

Bali Ubud Gianyar district is a district can be reached within 45 minutes drive from Denpasar or is less than 30 km.

Ubud is famous among foreign and domestic tourists because this location is located between forest and lies between the mountain ravines that makes nature so beautiful and unspoiled Ayung river. In addition Ubud is known for its arts and culture that is growing very rapidly and developed. Pulse Ubud community life can not be separated from the cents. Here too there are many art galleries, as well as the arena of music and dance performances are held alternately every night in all corners of the village. and a market called the Ubud market. In Ubud there is a river called the river Ayung River which is usually used as a place for rafting activities.

Ubud is formerly known as the center of Balinese art today has evolved with the establishment of many tourist facilities including hotels and other tourist facilities. If your vacation to Bali yourself a time to stay overnight in ubud bali holiday and make sure you would be nice.

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